Dental Amalgam Info at Health Freedom Expo 2011

hfe-2011-02The Health Freedom Expo was created to educate and empower the public. What sets it apart is the information presented is not just to sell products to consumers; it’s about people who are passionate about sharing information. It’s about how our health freedoms can be taken away. It’s about how we can protect them.




green-dentistryCalifornians for Green Dentistry will have a booth, and we encourage you to stop by. At 3:00 pm on both Friday and Saturday (March 25 and 26), Charlie Brown will be at the booth to speak to volunteers and potential volunteers about the Californians for Green Dentistry project.

The Expo also features mercury-free dentistry activists as plenary speakers: Saturday, 12:00 noon: Kelly Gallagher and Anita Vazquez Tibau will speak about our grassroots movement in California; their topic is “Californians for Green Dentistry: No More Mercury!” Kelly is the filmmaker, and Anita is the director of Californians for Green Dentistry.

consumers-for-dental-choice-01Sunday at 12:00 noon, Charlie Brown from “Consumers for Dental Choice” will speak on “The Battle to Ban Mercury Fillings: A Case Study for Grassroots Action.” Charlie will explain where we are and how we got there, and show how these strategies can be applied to other movements.

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