Lynn Foutch, Olympic Hopeful Struck Down with Mercury Poisoning from her “Silver” Amalgam Fillings

lynn-foutchIn 2007, I was training rigorously for the 2008 U. S. Women’s Marathon Olympic Trials when my health took a down turn. I began experiencing neurological symptoms, gastrointestinal distress and major fatigue. Eventually the symptoms led me to a fall while running a ten mile training run. My training abruptly ended and over the course of three years, I have had the opportunity to pinpoint the underlying cause creating the disharmony in my body…. MERCURY TOXICITY!

The health symptoms back in 2007, were so severe that I had to move from my home in the mountains of Colorado to the pacific northwest where the environmental conditions were conducive for recovery. At the time of the move, I was not aware of the mercury toxicity issue. I had undergone extensive neurological tests to rule out multiple sclerosis and ALS. All tests were negative for these fatal illnesses. Thus, my body requested a healing environment to recover from whatever was creating the distress!

I was introduced to a holistic practitioner of natural forms of medicine who eventually helped with the diagnosis of mercury toxicity in the spring of 2010. He immediately pinpointed a major concern of my body potentially undergoing mercury toxicity and felt that I needed to address the issue with a holistic dentist.

I immediately made an appointment with a dentist in the Portland, Oregon area. My initial assessment with the dentist proved that I had mercury not only in fillings, but potentially underneath the porcelain caps placed in my mouth years ago.

The dentist and I began our journey of removing and restoring the teeth from dental amalgams and other toxic metals such as tin and aluminum, that had been placed in my mouth since I was a teenager. In addition, the dentist had to remove a tooth that had a prior root canal filled with mercury years ago. The same tooth also had a “mercury tattoo” by the gum line clearly indicating mercury toxicity leaking out from the material placed in the roots of the tooth! (The root canal issue is yet another issue that should be addressed as a major detriment to one’s health and well being. I have had the distinct opportunity to read ALL the case studies of Dr. Westin Price’s work on root canal teeth and the correlation of eighty percent degenerative disease and focal infections in one’s body!)

Today I am one hundred percent mercury free from dental amalgams. It has been a six month journey at achieving this task and a payment with personal funds totaling $49,000! I am fortunate and grateful to have had the financial resources and time to eliminate this highly toxic metal, mercury, from my mouth creating the detrimental effects on my health and wellness. Imagine the multitude of people who are unaware of mercury creating their health issues, as well as other individuals knowing the mercury toxicity affects and not being able to do anything about the issue secondary to lack of funds! It truly is a crime that the ADA and insurance companies still utilize the detrimental metal in one’s mouth creating the ill effects on one’s health and well being.

The following symptoms that have decreased and/or have been eliminated since the removal of the mercury in my mouth include: salivation, especially when eating and brushing the teeth, TMJ, hives and a red rash especially after sweating which is a sign indicative of mercury and other toxic metals being eliminated from the body, fatigue, mental fog, gastrointestinal distress with rapid weight loss, hypothyroidism secondary to mercury poisoning, blurred vision, numbness and tingling in all extremities, muscular twitches, muscular cramping and weakness.

In addition, I would like to state that my “gold medal” has been achieved by all the phenomenal, caring, supportive and loving people that have been in my life to help me win back my current level of health and wellness! I continue to detoxify from the mercury, but am able to run and play with greater strength prior to the mercury creating toxic overload in my body.

I have had the distinct honor to have met Sandy Duffy who was an active attorney in the Portland, Oregon area who devoted most of her career at addressing the issue of mercury being utilized in dentistry. She was a passionate woman who observed the detrimental effects of mercury and fought to the end of her life seeking the appropriate measures to rid the use of this substance in dental procedures. I remember our parting words back in May, ” We shall work together on this issue, sister. We have an abundance in common and I look forward to working with you in any way I can to witness the issue of mercury being eliminated from our environment and use in dentistry!”

Sandy passed away on October 2nd of this year. She is greatly missed by me, as well as hundreds, perhaps thousands of people. I intend and am carrying out her mission by being a spokesperson to others at addressing the issue of mercury toxicity. Currently, I present to local communities throughout the state of Oregon and will be joining efforts with my dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Williamson, in Portland, to educate people on the issues of mercury and other toxic metals not conducive to one’s overall health and wellness.

I thank you with gratitude and honor for hearing my story and am available to help with the efforts of achieving mercury free dentistry.

Lynn Foutch
October 2010

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    Bob Reeves

    Excellent article and positive proof as to the importance of getting the information about toxicity from mercury/silver fillings out to the public. I am afraid that for every success story like Lynn Foutch, there are a hundred tmes as many out there sick or dying without the slightest idea that it is the mercury in their mouth and from flu shots that is the cause.

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