Dr. Janet Stopka D.D.S. shares her mercury toxicity story with FDA

Dr. Janet Stopka, DDS shares her mercury poisoning testimony with the FDA

Janet Stopka
Janet Stopka

Thank you for this opportunity to tell my story. My name is Dr. Janet Stopka D.D.S. I am a practicing dentist from the south side of Chicago. I wholeheartedly support mercury-free dentistry. I became mercury- free and a mercury- safe dentist in 1996 after joining the IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology) who assisted me in saving my life. I was able to get rid of all of my symptoms.

I have not used mercury as a restorative material in 14 years and my patients are given informed consents. No one has ever asked me to place mercury in their mouth. They all understand immediately that it is toxic. But yet, many of them don’t know they have it in their mouth! I learned it was toxic in second grade. I don’t let them breathe it in if it is removed and I no longer allow myself to breathe it in.

“Mercury is a poison not an allergen.”

I would briefly like to describe my experience with mercury. I had three small amalgams in my mouth upon entering dental school placed when I was twelve.   My mercury issues started to become a problem when I entered dental school. ;There were approximately 90 students in my class. In technique class for preparing ourselves to work on live patients 90 students opened capsules of amalgam to scrape out fillings without vacuum suctions to pick up the scrap. Most of the bio-hazardous waste sat on the floor until the cleaning crew came in at night. The very next morning I woke up unable to bend five of my fingers. ;(Not a good symptom to have for a prospective dentist).

I went to doctors and they found I was perfectly healthy. Nothing was found wrong with me. I had blood tests done and even served in the USAF (United States Air Force) dental corps for three years. But the military places lots of mercury fillings. After my residency the first year, I was on the amalgam line for recurrent decay and fractured teeth. Over the course of the next few years I developed more symptoms despite the doctors telling me that I was perfectly healthy. My symptoms were not only the five swollen joints but…

I was unable to digest food. I was unable to eat anything but eggs and yogurt.  Anything I ate made me bulimic.   It sat in my stomach like poison. I could not keep awake and would fall asleep during lectures. I even fell asleep during a comedy club in Las Vegas.  I had to sleep a minimum of 48 hours over the weekend. During the week I had to make myself exercise and sweat excessively and then sit in a sauna for an hour- BECAUSE IT MADE ME FEEL BETTER! My head felt like I had cellophane stuffed inside and my sinuses gave me a pounding headache. I wanted to kill myself. I was depressed. POOR ME – I am perfectly healthy.

Looking back at my life there is an old expression that hindsight is 20/20. Listen to what I observed in dental school….

My roommate lost part of her hearing, one of the top students in my class was forced to drop out due to the development of a hand tremor. A girl had her first seizure on the clinic floor while working on a patient – I HEARD THE SCREAM. Most of the girls made frequent trips to the health center for urinary tract infections. Most of the males in my class became alcoholics. One of the amalgam instructors was dying of cancer.

There is an old expression that hindsight is 20/20. And we all learned how toxic mercury is in second grade. Why when you graduate from dental school is it rendered nontoxic? Fortunate for me my uncle was a medical doctor (ENT, Allergist) and told me there was a problem with mercury. I remembered him saying that to me while I was in school.

I was mislead and misinformed by the ADA (American Dental Association). Mercury fillings are a 200 year old mistake of the profession.

Because I wanted to become a productive member of society and graduate I poisoned myself.  I want to help prevent others from getting that ill. I can go on about how I detoxified myself but suffice it to say I can bend my fingers, I have no headaches, my ears are clear, and I can now eat a cow 🙂

Dr. Janet Stopka, DDS

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  1. Unamalone@7googlemail.com'
    Una Malone

    I was poisioned by a dentiist in Troon 2 years ago. After he drilled into a mercury filling that night my head started pulsating and I woke with a burning sensation all over my back also suffered from extreme anxiety to the point I tried to commit suicide and the anxiety was so extreme and totolly out of character. Since that happened I cannot tolerate my thyroid meds which had no adverse reactions till I had the mercury filling removed. I am at my wits end as my health has deteriorated so bad lately can anyone please advise. Have a gold filling and one mercury filling in teeth the white composite filling which he placed in mouth where also toxic. Very desparate and so ill don’t know where to turn. Had mercury test taken which showed low levels so hence have no proof even though I had the battery taste in mouth.

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