Stephanie Bernier-Adamson 2010 FDA Testimony

Stephanie Bernier-Adamson 2010 FDA Testimony


Thank you for allowing me to speak before you today. My name is Stephanie Bernier-Adamson and I traveled from Fullerton, California to be here and my mother, Gabriella Harsh, a nurse, traveled from Athens, Georgia.
In January 2010, I was diagnosed with mercury poisoning, and at the recommendation of my primary care physician, decided to have the only mercury-emitting device in my body, my silver fillings, removed in February. I started oral chelation with DMPS shortly thereafter and have experienced a continuous and measurable improvement in my health as a result.
I have been suffering from numerous autoimmune and mystery illnesses for many years. Most recently, I have been managing symptoms of fibromyaglia, ADHD, periferial neuropathy, chronic fatigue, Celiac Disease, in addition to 81 other food allergies. I threw up every day for months.
I also struggle with embarrassing and debilitating symptoms including agoraphobia, spontaneous lactation, chronic staph infections on my face, untriggered panic attacks, heart palpitations, vision disturbances, ringing in my ears, facial numbness and twitching, slurred speech, uncoordinated movements, and short term memory loss that was so severe, I would have trouble finishing my sentences.

The most troubling aspect of this controversial issue, for me personally, was the lack of informed consent. As consumers, patients, taxpayers, and citizens, we Americans depend on the FDA’s expertise and foresight to protect us from dangerous products and practices.

 You are the only buffer between we citizens and the pharmaceutical industry.

It’s quite a noble feat that you have been tasked with: evaluating and regulating products to protect more than 300 million people. Knowing the dangers of mercury and its well-documented health consequences, I have to ask, why would a government body continue to allow its use in medicine? Placing mercury into the mouths of patients is reckless and dangerous, and I am proof of that.

 I understand that mistakes happen in the medical and dental communities, but as the FDA, it is your duty to make certain that any product that causes dire consequences, in any form, should be removed from the market. 

It is hard for me to believe that anyone who understands the extensive neurotoxic effects of this metal would give consent to it use. As such, the issue of mercury was never mentioned in any dental office where I was a patient, and as a result, my quality of life has been affected immensely.

It is my hope that you do what is right for the health of the American people and ban the use of mercury in the dental community.

Stephanie Bernier-Adamson



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