Book Review: The Toxic Dental Office – How to protect yourself and your family


A new patient comes into your dental practice. How do you explain the thousands of issues about a biological dental practice in the allotted time? Simply put you can’t! You can only explain a few methods and procedures that may directly relate to the patient’s initial complaint. It is a steep learning curve for patients.

I wrote this book to help the public understand the history of biological dentistry and why we practice in the BioSafe Dental manner we do. It is written to be entertaining and to keep the readers engaged, while still containing highly referenced medical and scientific citations for additional study or corroboration of the statements made. It is an adjunct to each of our unique education approaches to the patients in our practices. It can be lent or given to patients as part of their treatment planning because it logically and sequentially brings them to the conclusion that they need this type of dentistry. It was written to support the dentist in their treatment plan presentation.

There is an entire section devoted to how to initially choose a dental practice which supports the overall health and well being of the patient and not just the teeth. Advice is offered to patients to help them evaluate the current practice they use and if the procedures performed there are safe and complete. Use of what I termed BioSafeDentistry protocols are described and pictured which include the IAOMT protocols for safe amalgam removal.

For those with more scientific and analytical minds, I detailed the history of amalgam restorations to its current evolution. I describe the political morass stopping the logicalprohibition of the material for any dental purpose. Why fluoride is so entrenched in ourprofession is revealed as are the serious consequences of continuing to use, or actually misuse, fluoride in the human body. Most dentists will find interesting new facts about these familiar subjects. Another section of the book deals with the fact that most dentists fabricating porcelain and metal crowns do not know what specific metals are actually in the alloys used. A review of popular alloys shows many contain toxic metals and corresponding sensitivity and allergic reactions in the patients.

Generally I tried to give the reader a positive outlook on BioSafeDentistry practices. I offeredsafe, reliable and effective alternatives to the toxic materials used by most dental practices.I encouraged them to investigate for themselves before committing to any medical or dentalprocedure. And to not be afraid of asking the dentist questions about any procedure ormaterials they intend to use. The book encourages the public to protect their health bybecoming better educated and understanding their options.

toxic-dental-officeTHE TOXIC DENTAL OFFICE


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