Ornella Ciman, amazing recovery from her amalgam mercury poisoning


This is the account of how my wife was affected by mercury poisoning:

It started some years ago with symptoms ranging from unexplained anxiety, palpitations, struggling to breathe, light headedness and in the final stages of my illness, pins and needless over my body, my left arm and leg became very weak and I would feel as if I were going to pass out and then suddenly I would catch my breath and come to.  Sleeping became impossible – as if the switch over from day to night was not being allowed to happen, as if I was on high alert all the time, and just as I’d fall asleep, I would feel  an electric shock go through my body and jolt me awake again. This happened over and over all night.  My body would ache, I felt Flu like symptoms and I would have muscle spasms and twitches in my arms and legs.  I was swollen and bloated on my face, arms and legs.  At times I was sure I was going mad!

I went from specialist to specialist, to check out the heart, the kidneys the endocrine system – you name it we checked it. According to doctors I suffered with anxiety and medication was prescribed. This ranged from anxiety medication, Beta blockers, anti depressants and blood pressure medication.  None of these helped, I still had the anxiety, the blood pressure was high and the palpitations were getting worse.  The closest any doctor came to getting the diagnosis right was that it sounded like a toxin/poisoning of sorts.  But what?  I ate and drank the same things my family members did, it didn’t make sense.  Eventually after feeling very sick, frustrated and desperate for an answer we started to look at alternative medicine and consulted a homeopath.  He very quickly established that this sounded like the work of a “Heavy Metal” (In my case the heavy metal being Mercury)    in my system.  This was all very new to me I had never heard of such a thing.  I underwent a Challenge Test which is basically urine sample done in a very specific way which was sent to a Lab in Pretoria, the only type of facility in our country that does this specific type of testing, and waited desperately for 5 weeks for it to come back. It showed high amounts of Mercury in my system and the only possible source was the 14 Silver amalgams/fillings in my mouth.

We did endless research on the Internet about mercury amalgams and it turns out that these fillings are highly toxic. The amalgams give off mercury vapour 24-7 and especially when you eat or drink something hot, or when you brush them, or crunch on nuts or course food.  Over a period of time these vapours settle in the body, especially in the organs and brain, and eventually cause failure.  The most vulnerable organs are affected first and the associated symptoms start to appear. Dentists/doctors are aware of this but there is a world-wide campaign to keep this under cover to avoid the unprecedented legal repercussions.  The World Dental Assoc. doesn’t want to admit to it and the most they’ve done is last year was put out a warning that the Mercury/Silver fillings are safe, but just not for children and pregnant women. They deny the dangers of amalgam fillings, yet dentists use specialists in masked uniforms that collect the discarded fillings from their practices in sealed containers and disposed of it very carefully.

As a last-bid attempt to find the cure I had all of my fillings removed and replaced with resin fillings five months ago. That in itself is quite a procedure and there are only a few specialist dentists around that have the special equipment to minimise the ingestion of mercury in the removal process. Then you undergo a process called chelation treatment which involves an intravenous solution that absorbs the mercury from the organs into the blood stream. The kidneys initially take strain as they filter it out of the body. The symptoms actually get worse before they get better.

Within weeks I started feeling better and now, five months later I am 95% cured of all my symptoms.   Admittedly in the beginning of  this journey I couldn’t for the life of me come to grips that my fillings could have such an effect on my system but looking back now and having the knowledge that I have of these silver fillings I am convinced that it was indeed the best thing I could have done for my health.  Whether you are sensitive to this heavy metal or not no one should be having these silver fillings in their mounts, THEY ARE TOXIC!!

To summarise, these were my symptoms:


  1. High blood pressure and on medication for more than 10 years
  2. Under active thyroid and on medication for more than 3 years
  3. Fibromalgia – specifically in the hips
  4. Vertigo and extreme fear of heights
  5. Unexplained pancreatitis
  6. Sleep apnoea
  7. Mild depression
  8. Bad panic attacks
  9. Kidney pains
  10. Confusion, forgetfulness and fogginess
  11. Shaking hands and muscle spasms in the legs
  12. Numbness in fingertips and gums
  13. Constant palpitations


  1. Totally off blood pressure medication – BP 120/80
  2. Totally off thyroid medication – all levels sub-clinical
  3. Occasional and mild joint pains – recently walked up table mountain to celebrate
  4. Very average fear of heights and keen to try Knysna tree-top adventure
  5. No subsequent symptoms of pancreatic disorders
  6. 95% better quality of sleep
  7. Happier than ever
  8. No symptoms of panic attacks
  9. No kidney pains
  10. Absolute clarity of mind
  11. No shaking or muscle spasms
  12. No numbness
  13. Occasional and mild palpitations


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  1. Roc1847@aol.com'

    I feel like I just read my own story. Hyperthyroidism that medication didn’t help so they kept upping the dose. Finally I said NO! I went of those mess, they were not helping.
    I have sever shanking hands, legs, and head. I can’t control it.
    I have always has low blood pressure and now it’s off the charts and I’m on 100 milligrams of heart medication. Lunesta for sleep (which is a joke) diazapam for anxiousness.
    I took to my bed 2 years ago and that’s been my life.
    Unfortunately when I first started feeling sick in oct 09 my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer also in Oct of 09 and died 20 minutes before New years Eve. I had already been so sick I could not be there to help her, I had lost over 30 pounds and was down to 72 pounds with no energy, and still suffering with chronic fatigue. I passed out at her wake and several times after. It is so confusing because of the timing. Was this sever depression which I still have over the death of my mom?
    After finding this site when my sister asked me what I was up to right before this all happened and I mentioned I had gone to a dentist who practiced sleep dentistry and she worked on my teeth for 8hrs. My sister asked what they EXACTLY did, I said I didn’t know I was knocked out, but I knew my fillings from the1970’s were removed cause they are white now.
    It was then she started researching mercury poisoning, found this site
    I went immediately to my Doctor who took my blood to test my insane thyroid numbers but said he knew nothing about Mercury poisoning and to look on the Internet for help. I wanted to scream, but cried instead. I just can’t live like this anymore. I have a 10 year old son who in 2 years lost his beloved Nanny (what we called my mom) his uncle and God Father, and my brother inlaw, and his mom. I feel guilty everyday.
    I am just so thankful to have read your story, I no longer feel CRAZY and will continue to research and fight for my health so I can return to the person I was, who I thought died along with my best friend and Mother.
    There I go again, I’m crying.
    Again thanks for Shari g your story it really helped.
    Theresa Rocco, NY

  2. timmytimtj@yahoo.com'

    Im 42 yrs old..Always been athletic,vegan diet,never smoked or strongly drinked alcoholic beverages.

    Interesting enough I’m experiencing very similar symptoms.I have narrowed my causes of these symptoms down to the mercury fillings.

    Currently i am seeking a dentist who will safely remove the fillings properly & unfortunately with my ongoing High blood pressure( from the mercury poisoning ) i can’t seem to find a holistic dentist in my town who will perform the work:(

    This is very disturbing & has saddened me tremendously.At the same time, my health continues to decline as i experience sleepless nights:(

  3. sgtpvt1978@yahoo.com'


    I know this post is a bit older – but I hope you get this comment via an e-mail notification or something…would you please provide me some info on how you detoxed after your amalgam removal?


  4. bjcaverly@myway.com'

    Hi there, my name is Jay. I cant believe that governments of the world are still allowing mercury to be placed in peoples mouths, makes me so angry. This is my story, I hope it helps someone. I went from being aok ( although in hindsight, I had suffered a few things over the years but didnt take any notice) to totally bedridden, severe panic attacks, a feeling of blackness coming over my mind and feeling like I was going to pass out, agoraphobia, anxiousness that would move into sheer terror because i didnt know at first what was wrong, i thought I was dying,I would feel off balance when I walked and always felt slightly dizzy and at times would get vertigo which made me feel i was going to fall over, it was crazy, as if I had walked into a horror movie, it cost me loss of friends and loss of my wonderful job. Suffering from mercury poisoning is hideous, its impossible to explain to people just what its like in the dark recesses of the haunted forest of your mind, not to mention everything else that goes wrong with your body. It is so very frightening and the look from doctors when you tell them what you think is the problem is just awful, most dont believe you, i went to two different ones, feeling so bad, and was dismissed as being anxious and prescribed antidepressants. I refused to take them, I wanted the problem fixed, not covered up or made worse. Its taken some time, but slowly but surely I am geting better. If you dont have any more amalgam in your mouth, you are on your way to getting better already. The next step is trial and error, because everyone is different. I had my amalgams removed, the dentist was aware of my fear and problems with it and she took great care to just get them out, i didnt have the money for a holistic dentist with all the stuff they say, but by this time, I just didnt care, I wanted it out of my mouth, if i died, well at least I wouldnt be going through this anymore was my thinking, and yes it did get worse for a week or two after the removals, but it was out of my mouth and it was a start. I have been using a green superfood containing chlorella, apple cider vinegar, vitamin E to help repair cell damage in my brain and inner ears and vitamin D3 to help keep my mind clear,vitamin B which I prefer to have by eating healthy foods rich in vitamin B to help repair nerve cell damage, garlic is a fabulous wonder food, lots of green veges, broccoli, spinach etc, a little bit of this and a little bit of that, whatever I could find that would help and was natural, just little bits at a time, usually way under what was recommended, just to keep any side effects at bay, but at the same time being consistant, thats the key, time and consistancy, dont hurry. I also eat a little red meat every week, maybe one meal a week, it just makes me feel better. Physillium for bowel health to keep everything moving along and cleaned out,this is vital. Keep your kidneys and bowels flushed and clean to better enable them to flush out the toxins from your system.Chlorella, apple pectin, garlic, coriander, onions work fabulously in picking up toxins and including heavy metals and a healthy digestive tract kept clean, will remove them from the body.Milk thistle or dandelion tea to support your liver in the process. Clay baths are also excellent and cheap.Try to sweat, either via a sauna or just whatever you can do to raise a sweat without feeling awful, this also removes toxins from the body. At times I have to use an anxiety ease natural supplement that you can buy from any health food store to keep my mind from racing and help stay calm, but usually the vitamin D is enough. Trial and error, research, lots of water everyday. It takes time but little by little, you will notice improvement. I am 7 months into my mercury poisoning journey now, and its been hard work, but, I am determined to regain my health, and i am getting better, its slow, but its working.I can drive again,i havnt had a panic attack for awhile now or vertigo,and although I am still not good with crowds or supermarkets and public places and still have times where I feel slightly off balance i am improving. I truly believe, with all my heart, that in time, with effort and the right foods and supplements, lots of water, fibre, sunshine, a little excercise and lots of love and support from at least one person, we can totally heal from this insidious,horrendous thing called mercury poisoning. Hope this helps. God Bless
    Jay 🙂

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