Tara Lorai ongoing recovery from mercury exposure

Tara Lorai
Tara Lorai
Little did I know it at the time, but February 2007 was the month when my life was about to change… Dramatically. I was 27 years old, in the prime of my life, and nearing the top of the wall at an indoor climbing gym. And that’s when it hit me. I felt instant fatigue, and that feeling of knowing that I was coming down with something. A bug of sorts. Neither did I know at the time, but this ‘bug’ was not something that was about to go away anytime soon, and it was a ‘bug’ that would quickly and persistently evolve and intensify as time went on.

What began with debilitating fatigue, grew to accompany insomnia, blurred vision, painful sinus headaches, extreme allergies (to everything), food intolerances, candida, never-ending chronic infections, exhaustion, a consistent feeling of being tired yet wired, and hypo-thyroid issues. I also developed a serious case of chemical sensitivity. Exposure to everyday products such as soap, shampoo, or nail polish, launched me into a full-fledged reaction, requiring a good 24-36 hours to recover.

Beyond the physical challenges, my cognitive and emotional capacities flat-lined as well. Far from my typical sharp and creative state of intellect, I immediately entered a state of complete brain fog and mental paralysis, and completely lost the ability to cope with everyday situations and tasks. Everything became incredibly overwhelming. Darkness clouded over me like a shadow of death; I became depressed, anxious, and frustrated.

I had gone mad, and my life had fallen apart. I was living in a bubble, and a normal existence seemed like an impossible dream.

After seeing doctors and specialists of all sorts, naturopaths included, 5 1/2 long years later I was exhausted and sicker than ever. I was no longer able to work. 5 or 6 days out of the week I felt like I could no longer participate in even the simplest activities, and every day was a physical and mental challenge. All energy was spent in just trying to take care of myself.

In July of 2012, in yet another desperate search for answers, I learned of mercury poisoning via dental fillings. Every symptom, and every story that I came across matched my own. I was stunned. Their stories were my story. I was not alone in this.

Immediately, my head started spinning. I thought back to when I first got sick. I looked at the calendar and called my old health insurance provider. I then called my previous dentists, and got a list of the all the work I’d had done. And immediately, my suspicions were confirmed. 7 months prior to my world falling apart, I’d lost a tiny amalgam filling in the side of one of my bottom teeth. It was about the size of a pencil tip, and I’d noticed it when I felt sensitivities in that tooth. I had looked in the mirror, and sure enough, it was gone. I assume I had swallowed it. I made an appointment to have the filling replaced, and thankfully, though not knowing better at the time, had it filled with a composite rather than another amalgam filling. Later learning of ‘the dump phase,’ and how mercury will drop from stored tissue, often 6-9 months after incidence, the dates of losing my filling and my health falling apart lined up perfectly.

Finally, everything was becoming clearer, everything was making complete sense. I then learned of the Andy Cutler protocol for chelation, for removing the mercury left in the aftermath of my dental devastation. I began chelating the following month, August 2012, and am currently 30 rounds in. With every round completed, with every cycle of mercury removed, I am regaining my health, my clarity, and my life. 

For the first time in 6 years, I am filled with hope for the future.

I continue to express some of the trials and tribulations of mercury poisoning, chelation, and all that goes with it on my blog: mercover.wordpress.com/. Please feel welcome to follow more of my story there.

I am grateful for finding the truth in my health nightmare, but I am also filled with incredible anger toward the American Dental Association for allowing this to happen. I trusted them with my health, and they neither acknowledge their wrongdoing nor offer any consolation for my suffering. Mercury amalgam fillings need to be banned from dental practices worldwide. It’s time for the ADA to start stepping up and taking some responsibility and accountability for the lives of all those held in their hands. It’s time to act on the knowledge we now have. It’s time for this disease of ignorance, complacency, and greed to end. It’s time for mercury poisoning to become a disease of the past. And that time has come. That time is now.


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