Kathy Prior describes her life dealing with mercury poisoning


12 years ago I went to the dentist. Immediately, I notice I could not hear to well. I was tested, 40% hearing in right ear, 60% hearing in left ear. I received implant hearing implant in my left ear. My vision was blurry. I received my first pair glasses. I started stuttering, than my foot was hurting.

At the time I was waitressing. I thought I pinch nerve in my back. MRI showed I did not. I went into the hospital. Regular MRI did not show the big bruise in my brain. It was part my brain control my voice. Walking was painful now. I had dye test on my brain showed the bruise. I had tremors also. I could not sleep without sleeping pills. I had take muscle relaxers to relax my foot. That made me very groggy. Walking was unbearable painfull. My right-side is still paralyzed. I could not think straight. I was 34years old at the time. I had 5 kids at the time, and 1 month old granddaughter. I was so sick. I could barely wake up. I just wanted to sleep all the time. Getting worse everyday. Really ready call quits, and go in nursing home.

My husband started putting out lot money out for chelation. Turnout I should not have chelation while I really off charts mercury poisoning. My hair didn’t show any mercury in my system. I could not drive more than 10 min. Without taking 20min. nap. I had friend of the family taking me for chelation. 2 hours from my house. I decided, I am going try drive myself to a closer doctor for the treatments. Chelation was not making me feel better. I was just so desperate.

Walking was so extremely painful, even sitting my foot was hurting so much. So the first time I drove to the new doctor. He order the urine test, that showed my results. Off charts mercury poisoning. 1-5, 5 is off charts. I had 22. I was ordered to change all my fillings. Than return to his office for DMPS shot that will remove all that mercury out of my system. The test run again. This time I don’t have any more mercury in my system.

Currently, my voice can back. I don’t have tremors anymore, my vision is still little blurry. Walking is 100% better than before, but my foot is still hurting, nothing compared before. My right-side is paralyzed. I feel like the countless doctor look at my case. Nobody ever thought to run toxicology test.

I was so sick for 2 years. Now I am trying live my life, in pain. I work part time job. I volunteer. My therapy is water aerobics weekly. I had 60 IV steroid treatments before my mercury diagnose. Now I need lose weight very bad. My kids are growing up. I have 4 adult children, and 1 teenager that lives with my husband and me. I don’t know what else to say.

It was very extremely bad the thing what happen to me. Only justice I can receive that one day all the dentist will stop using silver fillings.

A few months ago, the kid dentist really tried put mercury filling in 5 yr old granddaughters mouth. I stopped him. That dentist is actively put mercury fillings in little kids mouths. The dentist did my fillings. He lost his practise because one day he got sick. My brother’s father-in-law had stop being a dentist because he got the shakes. What will take to stop this practise? I think heath insurance need stop paying for silver fillings. In long run they would save lots money. My family spend lots money saving my life.

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