Endothelium Dysfunction and Toxic Heavy Metals

Endothelium_and_Toxic_Heavy_MetalsEndothelium and Toxic Heavy Metals

–by Patrick Hayes

The Endothelium is a single cell layer thick membrane that covers the entire circulatory and lymphatic systems in your body. Once thought to be inert over the past few decades they have found that the endothelium performs several major functions including regulating blood flow, vasodilation and vasoconstriction-hence the control of blood pressure, coagulation of blood at the site of a trauma, blood clotting, inflammation and swelling(edema), vascular smooth muscle cell growth and also serves as a barrier to the transvascular diffusion of liquids and solutes. To perform these functions the endothelium produces three substances: Nitric Oxide, heparin and prostacyclin. When the endothelium is functioning properly and these substances are being produced and utilized in optimum quantities then we have a healthy circulatory system with well regulated blood flow and circulation. If the endothelium is not working as it should, endothelial dysfunction will occur. Endothelial dysfunction is a hallmark for vascular diseases and a wide range circulatory ailments including peripheral artery disease, aneurysm, renal artery disease, blood clots, hypertension, angina, high blood pressure, and atherosclerosis.

One of the main causes of endothelial dysfunction is the presence and build up of toxic heavy metals including Mercury, Lead, Aluminum, Arsenic and Cadmium. As these toxic metals settle into the Endothelium where they disrupt the production of Nitric Oxide, Heparin and Prostacyclin. This can lead to the circulatory system becoming rigid and inflexible, blood clots to form and the beginnings of vascular diseases. I could go on for a long time and get into all intricacies of the endothelium and what can happen if it does not function properly but I feel that you probably get the picture. If the endothelium is compromised then many bad things can happen to your circulatory and overall health and that toxic heavy metals including Mercury, Lead, Aluminum, Arsenic and Cadmium are responsible for much of it.

What can you do? The first thing you should do is remove as many toxic heavy metal contact points as possible so you do not add to your bodies heavy metal load. Then you need to detoxify yourself of those heavy metals.

Endothelium and Toxic Heavy Metals

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  1. noreen_albright@yahoo.com'

    I can’t tell you how many I still have in my mouth. : ( You’d be appaulled. How the heck to I get them out safely. In addition, just before I got pregnant they removed some silver thing? don’t even remember what it was that the person who removed it (a specialized dentist) said it was very unsafe. What in the world are these Dr.’s and Dentists doing? Don’t they care about Safety. Seriously, makes me never want to go back! How do I find a “Safe Dentist”?

  2. Hgamalgam@hotmail.ca'
    Richard Player

    Vitamin C is known to decrease oxidation and often allow rejuvenation of the fractured blood vessels common on the backs of the hands of old people

  3. slanberg@yahoo.com'
    Steve Lanberg

    Hi, my question is: Is it likely that severe mercury vapor exposure while working in a sealed laboratory of 20’x20′ with tested mercury vapors of 9 times the maximum safe level(OHSHA) standard could be a player in a vascular disease known as Aortic Dissection. I would very much appreciate your response,

    Thank You

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