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A study by professor Ingrid Gerhard was performed at the university gynecological clinic in Heidelberg where she examined more than 1000 patients for mercury, fertility problems and symptoms. Mercury was measured after giving a chelating agent known as DMPS. This substance mobilizes mercury from tissues, particularly the kidneys, so that it is excreted in the urine where it can be measured.

The high-mercury group had more hormonal disturbances, immune disturbances, recurring fungal infections, hair loss and allergies. A number of different hormonal disturbances were found, sex hormones among them. All these differences were statistically significant and some very marked. Allergies and hair loss were 2-3 times more common in the high mercury group.The doctors at the clinic have successfully treated fertility problems with a combination of vitamins / minerals and amalgam removal.

According to professor Gerhard, mercury exposure leads to hormone and immune disturbances that can reduce fertility.


David Kennedy DDS
Shares stories of dental staff infertility
and discusses a study by professor Ingrid Gerhard

Fertility and Dental Mercury


A controversy has existed about the safety of “silver” dental took fillings ever since their introduction in 1819. The term “silver” is a misnomer in that 45-60% of the filling is mercury and only about 30% is silver. Within the dental profession, the materials is called amalgam, which means mercury and a alloy.

Mercury is one of the most toxic metals humans are exposed to, being even more toxic than arsenic or lead. Dental authorities long-maintained that the mercury was “locked” into the filing and, therefore, presented no danger to human health. Research has subsequently shown that this statement was patently false, as mercury vapor is released for silver/mercury dental fillings 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and will continue to release mercury vapors as long as the filling remains in the tooth.

Research has also shown, that 80 to 100% of the mercury vapor inhaled into the lungs enters the blood and is subsequently transferred to the brain and all organs and tissues of the body. Over 75% of the population are believed to have mercury dental fillings. In the U.S., this amount to over 145 million individuals who are constantly exposed to a poison that has been implanted in their body, and in most instances, without their knowledge.

At this point you are probably wondering what the aforementioned facts have to do with “fertility.” In 1984, we wrote the book “Infertility & Birth Defects – Is Mercury From Silver Dental Fillings An Unsuspected Cause?” Citing almost 500 scientific research studies, we outline and define how dental mercury could be the cause of the explosion in infertility and birth defects being experienced throughout the industrialized world. Since the, a great many studies have been published augmenting the information contained in our book and further confirming our hypothesis that, in many cases of infertility, the woman or the man or both have become infertile because of exposure to amounts of mercury from their dental fillings, their food and the environment, at levels their bodies were not able to accommodate. In the woman, this is usually manifested in the form of some type of hormonal disorder preventing conception, while in the man it is usually related to causing a defect either in sperm motility or vitality.

Although I have never been give a “sane” reason why the American Dental Association and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration are so closed-minded and almost paranoid in espousing their position that dental mercury fillings are safe, I suspect it may be that if they were ever to admit they have been wrong all these years and that dental mercury really is a dangerous poison, the liability would be beyond normal comprehension. In spite of this “ostrich” attitude, and the lack of government or ADA funding, medical scientists and researchers around the world, led by the University of Calgary Medical School, have been actively investigating the potential health effects of dental mercury. However, medical scientists in this country have not devoted a great deal of research effort to the possibility that dental mercury may be one of the primary etiological factors in ever-increasing infertility rate. Unfortunately, and perhaps more importantly from the infertile couples¼ standpoint, if you broach the subject to your physician or dentist, be prepared to receive a “closed-mind” response quoting the establishment position.

In other areas of the world, however, research is being conducted more openly and aggressively without excluding any rationally possible etiological factors. In Germany, Professor Ingrid Gerhard, M.D. and her colleagues have been seriously investigating the effect of heavy metals as well as pesticides on fertility. Associated with the University of Heidelberg Gynecological Clinic, Professor Gerhard[s group has examined more than 1,000 patients for mercury, fertility problems and symptoms. Patients were also examined for pesticide contamination. Urine mercury levels were measured after administering an oral celation agent (Dimaval), and blood was examined for various polychlorinated compounds. The high mercury group had more hormonal disturbances, immune disturbances, recurring fungal infections, alopecia and allergies. A number of different hormonal disturbances were found, sex hormones among them. These differences were all statistically significant and some were very marked. Allergies and hair loss were 2-3 times more common in the high-mercury group. The doctors at the clinic have successfully treated fertility problems with a combination of vitamins/minerals and amalgam removal.

Professor Gerhard believes that women with hormonal irregularities or specific fertility disorders should be examined for heave metal and pesticide contamination prior to being subjected to any treatment modalities. We also believe that the male partner of any infertile couple, especially if the man has a mouth full of mercury dental fillings, should have his sperm evaluated for mercury and other toxic heavy metals, even if there doesn¼t appear to be any problem with sperm motility.

Here in the U.S., millions of dollars are being spent to convince the American people that “silver” dental fillings are safe. However, other countries are moving to do something about the mercury contamination problem. Sweden is in the process of stopping use of amalgam as a dental filling material. It must be phased out by the end of 1997. Sweden has previously limited its use in children and pregnant women. Germany has already banned the use of one type of dental amalgam and has limited the use of amalgam dental fillings in children and women of child-bearing age. Austria is to ban the sue of all amalgam by the year 2000.

Heavy Metals and Fertility

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  1. marisarusso@yahoo.com'

    There is so much money being spent on infertility these days. For example, I was told that my friend’s friend spent $50,000 trying to get pregnant with no luck from infertility specialists. Not once did any of her doctors look inside her mouth and discuss her 9 mercury fillings as a culprit. This is a travesty!!

  2. marieflow@aol.com'
    Marie Flowers

    When I was in my late 20’s and early 30’s I had three miscarriages. Duke University Medical Center diagnosed me with low progesterone which caused the uterine line to shed.

    During pregnancy progesterone levels must not drop like it does during the monthly cycle or the fetus will be spontaneously aborted. Each time the miscarriage would occur at around 80 days.

    I was started on a prescription of progesterone to take during my next pregnancies and I was able to carry to term my two lovely daughters.

    When I was 51 I became mercury poisoned when my dentist took out one mercury filling unsafely and let me breathe the mercury vapor. I had a total of 11 fillings at one time but one tooth with mercury was extracted.

    Now that I know that mercury can cause fertility problems, more than likely I was being affected by mercury in my early late 20’s – early30’s and then became poisoned when I was 51. Mercury is an bio accumulative toxin that may take years to cause full blown mercury toxicity.

    When I became poisoned, I had feelings of “unreality,” felt like I was in a fog, was very disorientated and lost my memory among other symptoms.

    When my Integrative health doctor put me on bio identical hormones, I started regaining my memory again, began to focus again and think more clearly. The fog lifted. He told me the mercury had “wiped out my hormones.”

    So I believe that mercury has definitely affected my hormones to cause three miscarriages and later to cause memory loss and fogginess after becoming poisoned. In each case, taking hormones resulted in my carrying two pregnancies to term and helped to restore my memory and focus.

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