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Plagued with allergies, vitiligo, and Hashimoto’s thyroid, I attended a medical lecture featuring a panel of doctors, one of whom spoke about autoimmune diseases and offered a warning that would change my life. “If you are in your thirties and forties and have been suffering from autoimmune diseases,” he said, “it may be connected to the amalgam fillings in your mouth.”

Amalgam fillings. One of my earliest memories involved going to the dentist—I had plenty of cavities. They were filled with amalgam, silvery metal containing mercury. By adulthood, I had fifteen mercury amalgam fillings in my mouth.

I never thought much about my metal filings until I was in my early twenties, when I began hearing a strange buzzing noise in my head as I fell asleep. It was scary, but I could stop the buzzing if I forced myself to wake up. As soon as I started to go back to sleep, the buzzing would return. I would try to wake back up, but I’d be too exhausted, almost as though I were paralyzed. I would awaken the next morning feeling okay but baffled by what had occurred.

One afternoon, as I lay down to nap, I again heard buzzing, but I decided not to fight the noise. To my surprise, I tuned into a radio station! The sound was clear and loud.

Befuddled, I told a friend about the experience. He speculated that the silver in my fillings was acting as an antenna, and I was picking up radio waves. I talked to my dentist, who confirmed that there were documented cases of amalgam fillings tuning into radio frequencies. The mystery was solved, and, coincidentally, the buzzing sound never returned.

After hearing the doctor’s warning against amalgam fillings, it was clear that it was time to start thinking about my teeth again. The silver amalgams had been the culprit behind the mysterious buzzing in my head when I was in my twenties; could they also be behind the mystery of my impaired immune system? I had already read in alternative medicine books that mercury contributes to candidiasis. I knew I had to take action and figure out whether mercury was damaging my health.

Soon after the lecture, I had my body tested for heavy metals with the urine toxic element DMPS (dimethyl mercapto propionic acid) test. The results showed my mercury levels were in a highly elevated range. I never ate fish, so I knew my amalgam fillings were the source of the mercury poisoning in my body.

Over the next several months, I had all my fillings removed and replaced with composite material. I never again experienced another toxic headache. I later had several DMPS IVs (chelation therapy treatments) to help my body detoxify from the mercury.

Afterward, I began having fewer respiratory infections, and my environmental allergies no long bothered me. My energy increased. I then began to take an antifungal medicine, Diflucan (fluconazole). Finally, after eight years of vitiligo, a significant amount of my skin’s pigmentation returned.


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