Conductor Dr. Benjamin Zander of the Boston Philharmonic

Conductor Benjamin Zander of the Boston Philharmonic discusses being mercury poisoned by his dental amalgam, “silver fillings” to the FDA. He was diagnosed with Ménière’s disease, a disorder of the inner ear that can affect hearing and balance. It is characterized by episodes of vertigo and tinnitus and progressive hearing loss. Benjamin experienced a full recovery after getting his fillings safely removed.

ben-zanderFrom: Benjamin Zander

Sent: Wednesday, August 23, 2006 5:05 PM

To: Adjodha, Michael E of the FDA




Dear Sir: 

I wish to draw your attention to a matter of utmost importance to  me. Three years ago I developed Meniere’s disease, which causes violent bouts of vomiting, vertigo and massive hearing loss. Visits to Ear, Nose and Throat specialists throughout the world yielded no results. Because of the violence of these attacks, I had cancel or stop in the middle of several performances that I was conducting. At the suggestion of a physician at the Paracelsus clinic in San Gallen Switzerland, I had all the mercury and nickel removed from fifteen teeth. This operation was completed by the distinguished American oral surgeon Dr. John Evans, of Groton, MA. The results of this process were nothing short of extraordinary. All symptoms of the Meniere’s disease suddenly disappeared and have not reappeared for thirteen months. Amazingly, my dentist, Dr. Ronald Carpe of Cambridge, MA claims that he has not put any metal of any kind into my teeth during the thirty-five years that he has had me as a patient, and yet Dr. Evans found a vast amounts of these materials.

I shudder to think what diseases this kind of poison is creating in our population.

Indeed, I feel so strongly about this issue that I would be prepared to testify in Washington to the results caused by the removal of this toxic material from my mouth. Another less significant bi-product of this process has been a sudden and total disappearence of an unsightly and unhealthy fungal condition in my toes that had persisted for the past fifteen years in spite of attempts to treat the condition with the extremely expensive drug Lamisil. I do not depend for my career on the appearance of my feet, the way I do on the effectiveness of my hearing, but I cannot help but consider it an extraordinary benefit that this condition has completely cleared up without use of any medication. 

Dr. Benjamin Zander

Professor, New England Conservatory
Conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor of the NEC Youth Philharmonic Orchestra
Author, The Art of Possibility Leadership Speaker

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    Robin P Clarke

    This must be the same Benjamin Zander who was my music (composition) teacher in Bromsgrove England back in 1972-3 (38 yrs ago). I was a quite disastrous student because I was rapidly deteriorating mentally and physically. I had to wait decades for the internet to be developed before I could realise that that was from the 19 amalgams I had back then. I have had no career etc at all as a result. And all I’m now getting from the nhs and dh is lies, lies and more lies, in a systematic cover-up of amalgam illness as you can see documented at (And ongoing.)


    Hi all, unfortuatelly I went through mercury poisening too like others did. It affected not only me, but my children too. It started after extraction of wisdom teeth and tinnitus which started day after the extraction. I lived with it, no diagnoses. During second pregnancy I was adviced by a doctor to give my baby away because it can be disabled. The reason was a low grow hormon in me.I refused.I went though test with my baby to exlude genetic disorders. All negative. After baby was born, in around two months she did not respond in her cot and just stairing into the cieling, no respond at all. I massaged her, head down and finally she started to cry.We went to hospital, did tests and she got a few antibiotics. From their words nothing was found. The thing is later she was in different country diagnozed with low phyusical development. She grew up from it and now is amazing healthy girl. Thanks to God. My son after MMR vaccination?? got some problems, losing weight, strong diarhiar, did not want to eat, even we cooked for him very well. Blood test showed high liver enzymes and anemia. He went through hospital to be seen by pediatric. I praid to God again. Second blood tests showed his blood is negative. All fine. After the second pregnancy my tinnitus ringing in right ear changeed to hissing and I got vertigoes. I was diagnozed with Menieres disease in two countries. I also was diagnozed with depression, for me postnatal depression. Loosing memory and not apettite to take care of my kids. I looked at the computer and found mercury as cause of diseases. I went to few dentists ( not biodentists)and asked them to take my amalgam fillings out. They did. The problem was I got day after the dental visit second tinnitus in my left ear. So I was a mother of two babies with two tinnituses and vertigos plus postnatal depression. After the dentists work my health got to worst. Realy worst. I found holistic dentitst. I do not know how, but I did and after removing the teeth where the amalgam were and now was white fillings from dentists before, after removing theese teeth with periodontal skin under, the symptoms such as suisadal on daily bases, seing ghosts, moving in circle, talking to myself, and later vertigoes with detox for two years or a bit more completly STOPED. I found that the cuase of Postnatal in me is reistant bacteria from cavitations and mercury. I was explained how does it work and that this amalgam filling has also effect on the babies during pregnancy and development. I was not suprised becuase we went thought it.I stayed only with two tinnituses, vertigo gone. But I had later accident to my jaw and in two weeks time vertigoes( vomiting and spinning world) came back. Again found on websided Dr Wilden in Germany who deals with Menieres people. I had a strong doze, even I was advized to have only one week. I did not want to come back to Germany again, so I stuborned did take two weeks as I did not want to travel there again. I had sideefects from it such as painful feet, not able to sleep, loosing a lot of hair, stomach pain and sickness and it went so far I stoped having appetite for food and feeling sick after eating any food. On the other side after the big laser the vertigoes went away, but a bit dizziness stayed with thees symptomps which went by the time away. But I had to charge the ears with home laser which I did to stop vertigoes coming back, if will come back.Later I had to use home laser every day and I was walking every day, no need for betaserc which did not help at all before anyway. I was explained that betaserc do not help, it is actially placebo. Even antidepresants do not work with laser. I did not take any antidepresant anyway because I recovered from postnatal depression ( as I read each tooth is connected to somwehere and my all infected teeth have been taken out, but the infection could not be scraped out from bones next to the ears where it got from dental work and exctration of wisdom teeth). I was still feeling sick in stomach, loosing weight and also having gallbladders problems ( diagnoze of gallbladder stones) and anemia. Through endoscopy they found a lot Helicobacteria in stomach, polyps, scars and after antibiotics treatment it was treated. I could start eating properly back again.The sensation of dizzines on daily bases, but not vertigoes-no more any more-went away. The other blood test after also showed the anemia is gone too. But I got really strong lungs virus and could not breath, just coughing. I tried to take antibiotics again and after finishing the antibiotics, my dizzines came back, plus started vertigo just once again. I am using home laser not to allow to vertigo to come to me on daily bases. Betaserc do not help at all. The blood test whih showed no anemia and no helicobacteri as well, unfortunatelly showed low lymphocyte account, low mean platelet volume and low MCHC. With this I found the vertigo came. So I believe blood disorder or anemia mekas menieres worsten symptoms. I do believe that chlorella or any vitamines, minerals, C and oils helps the Menieres to get better,but in progress stage of menieres when the second ear is affected and other health issues are present such as blood disorders etc, it does not reach the point and you will find yoursel to have vertigoes anyway, only laser treatment in Germany and home laser may help you to keep you walking and avoid vertigoes on daily bases. I also believe that mercury and other metals in amalgam leads to low grow hormon in pregnant women or before you get pregnant and there can be or will be a risk of pregnancy or baby or after the birth baby life and mother too. I do believe that by treating postnatal depression in me and symptomps went away that the amalgams with cavitations really cause different diseases as in me I had diagnoze of two dizeases. One treated , one stayed in progress stage. I do believe that dentistry is a bad criminal practice which leads to distruction of many people and their families. I do believe that solution is to stop amalgam fillings practise in dentistry for sake of babies, pregnant women, deep depression and other diseases caused by this. I do believe that holistic dentistry can help some diseases/illnesses to recover, but in disease where the biodentist can not reach the bone such in Meniere;s and the disease is progressed -the solution does not exist at the moment. Maybe big laser in Germany is a solution for progressed stage but you have to purchase home laser for yousel and you should not have any other health issues around such as blood disorders ( betaserc works on inner ear circulation??, is not it really placebo if you have blood disorders) or maybe even gallbladder. I do believe the laser dentistry should have green and holistic dentistry to be here for us who have amalgams and cavitations, health issues and want to excesize a choice to use it. At the end it is our health. God bless those who recovered, God bless those who did not and still look for a hope for sake of there family. Love Katerina

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