Dr Michael Margolis presents evidence that mercury from amalgam fillings is absorbed into the gum and jaw bone

margolis-xray-presentationDR. MARGOLIS: Good afternoon. My name is Dr. Michael Margolis. I have a been a dentist for 28 years and through the years I have seen how mercury fillings destroy patients’ health and lives. The American Dental Association claims that once amalgam fillings, also known as mercury fillings, are placed in a patient’s mouth, the mercury is stabilized and safe. I’m sure you have heard and will hear testimony today that is not true, that mercury fillings emit vapors into the mouth after they are placed. I am here today to show you that mercury also escapes through the teeth, bones and gums, causing health problems for patients.

My time is limited, so I cannot tell you about all the hundreds of patients I have treated who have been damaged by the mercury put in their mouths. However, I am here to show you three patients who are representative of the patients who have had mercury leaching into their bones, gums and teeth and the health problems they have had because of it.

Susie had an amalgam filling that leaked into the bone and gum above her upper right first molar. You can see the mercury coming through her gums, resulting in what we call a mercury tattoo. The only way to get rid of the mercury is surgically removing it from her gums and bone. You can see the mercury filling in the extracted tooth, but I also had to go into the extracted site and remove the remaining mercury filling pieces that had migrated from the tooth into the bone and gums. And another tooth you can see the mercury filling deep within the center of the tooth. You can see from the X-rays that the mercury has moved into the jawbone beyond the tooth.

Because of the mercury leaking from her tooth into the bone and gums, she developed breast cancer. Although she had a lumpectomy, the cancer spread through her body and she has now been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer.

Julie is another patient who had mercury leaching from her teeth into her gums and surrounding bone. In Julie’s panoramic film, the teeth and the mercury-filled teeth look normal. However, in this periapical X-ray of the lower right third molar area, this area right here shows mercury that has leached into the bone. Not very clear.

This is a picture of the same area that has been surgically opened. You can now clearly see the black dot in the bone. This is mercury. It is not in the tooth but leaked from the tooth into the bone. There’s no way to guarantee that this will not happen. It can happen to any patient with a mercury filling and it happens over and over and over again. Once I remove the affected bone, you can clearly see that two black dots are clearly embedded in her bone.

Julie, who was a collegiate athlete, suffered from toxic mercury element spreading through her body. Today, Julie walks with the aid of two canes. She is now crippled.

Maryann came to me diagnosed with mercury toxicity. She had 14 mercury fillings. If you look at the tip of the upper right canine, there is a mercury filling outside the tooth. Maryann suffered from chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, incoordination, mental confusion, neurological failure, high blood pressure, thyroid failure, liver failure, and a failing immune system and she was unable to walk through a metal frame door without receiving a physical electrical shock. Unusual multiple symptoms. Here is the same tooth in a periapical X-ray with the mercury filling clearly outside the tooth into the bone.

DR. JEFFCOAT: Doctor, you have 20 seconds.

DR. MARGOLIS: Here’s Maryann. She wants every one of you to know the story of how she suffered, from how well she properly removed all her mercury fillings. Today she’s able to live a normal life.

The FDA’s own mission proclaims that the FDA mission is to promote and protect the public by helping that safe, effective products reach the market and monitoring products for continued safety after they are in use. By making dental amalgam mercury fillings a Class III device, manufacturers of these toxic fillings would have to scientifically prove the safety of their products.

Dr. Michael Margolis presents evidence of harm from mercury fillings
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