Book Review: Beating Alzheimer’s A Step Towards Unlocking the Mysteries of Brain Diseases by Tom Warren


By Tom Warren.

I have seen people who were critically ill from Alzheimer’s and schizophrenia recover so quickly that if we did not have films of them, you would not believe it. I have seen people who were all folded up in the fetal position with tubes in their arms begin to reverse their disease. Indeed I was sicker than some of these people when I began to recover. If you have five minutes of lucid thought process, if you can carry on a reasonable conversation for a short time, you can recover from Alzheimer’s. If you follow the steps I describe in my book, so far I am not aware of anyone who has not gotten well from Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer’s is caused by toxic metals and chemicals in the environment, period. Our immune system protects us from disease until the stressors rise high enough so that one drop spills over the side, and then you get disease. The disease you get, whether it’s multiple sclerosis, schizophrenia or Alzheimers, or a common cold, will depend on your heredity. If you have a lot of stressors in your environment, a lot of chemicals, then you are going to be a lot sicker than you would be if you lower the level of the stressors we will talk about. To get well from Alzheimer’s, you generally have to use three medical specialities: clinical-ecology, dental detoxicology and orthomolecular nutrition.


Clinical-ecology is concerned with man’s relationship to his environment – those environmental elements which cause stress to his body. Once the body has been poisoned, you become allergic to everything. It includes the chemicals under the sink, chlorinated cleansing powder, floor wax, chlorine in the drinking water, underarm sprays, hair spray, gas, oil, diesel, fireplaces, candles, and formaldehyde in new carpets and glue. Not too long ago in the United States, latex paint contained mercury which was giving off gas, and people had sometimes as much as 100 times or more mercury in their bedrooms than the body is supposed to be able to withstand. The E.P.A. made latex paint manufacturers remove the mercury from the paint last August. I would not buy any paint manufactured before January 1991. Ink in books and newspapers can cause problems. They’re all hydrocarbons. We all know about aluminum. You can clean your aluminum pots by stewing tomatoes in them. Where do you think the aluminum goes? My mother’s aluminum pots were all pitted. Fluoridated water especially causes aluminum to leach out of these pots 100 times faster. We use coloured glass pots. Don’t use clear glass, there is more lead in it. That’s what makes it clear. We also use good quality stainless steel. Lead from our water pipes also causes Alzheimer’s. It can be chemicals of any kind in our environment and in our foods. It can be your ten favourite foods, the ones you don’t want to give up. All of these factors are stressors. Think of any situation which is causing you stress, a job or a family situation you’re not comfortable with, a neurosis. It’s very difficult to keep these pollutants out of our environment. Most people get stuck because they refuse to change their heating system. They have gas or oil, and it’s less expensive and they’ve had it so long they just don’t want to change it. So they can’t progress toward recovery. If your furnace or garage is under your house, change your heating system to electricity and do not park your car in the garage.

As you clean up your environment you will start feeling better. First you may have a day of recovery, and then go backward for a few weeks. Eventually you feel better for two days, and then one day you look back and realize you’ve been well for two months. Then you might get sick again, and you realize you’ve re-exposed yourself to something in your environment, a chemical, a favourite food. Eventually your strength comes back again and you feel just great. Clinical-ecology allergy is the key. There are some excellent books on the subject. One of the best ones is “Why do I Feel So Awful” by Dr. David Collison. Others are: “Five-Day Allergy Relief System” by Dr. Mandell and “Living with Your Allergy” by Dr. Theron Randolph. If you read these books, you will learn how the environment and your favourite foods affect your health. I began to realize after I read about 50 books that they were all saying the same thing. Their message is: “get the poison out, get super nutrition back in, stay away from things you are allergic to, and in the meantime, the body heals itself”.


Mercury toxicity is the number one underlying cause of Alzheimer’s Disease. For 160 years dentists have used a misnomer. They call amalgam fillings silver fillings. An amalgam substance should be called by its highest metal content which is mercury – it’s 52% mercury on the average. If a dentist told you, “Sir, I want to put a mercury filling in your mouth”, you would go some place else. Mercury binds the part of the cell that carries oxygen and consequently you aren’t getting enough oxygen. The dissimilar metals in your mouth cause an electrolysis reaction and these fillings are discharging and charging all the time. You have to remove this metal from your mouth in a specific order if you have Alzheimer’s or M.S. or if you are seriously ill. You can follow the instructions in my book and you can also get the book by Hal Huggins. You need to follow his procedures if you are really sick. If you are not really sick, perhaps it’s not so important. You can then remove the mercury and metals that have been stored in your brain through chelation. In chelation therapy, a substance is injected into the body, usually intravenously, and it binds to metals and removes them from the body. Metals are stored not only in the brain, but in the fat and all over the body. Dentists have been telling us for 160 years that mercury four inches from the brain does not cause any problems, but I have seen desperately ill people get well when they remove the mercury fillings from their mouths. I should mention that these new plastic filling materials sometimes have more than 23 different compounds in them. So get a bio-compatibility blood test. You shouldn’t put anything back into your mouth you are allergic to.

SYMPTOMS OF MERCURY TOXICITY: There are clues which indicate whether you may have mercury toxicity. The first thing we look at is your fingernails. White spots are indicative of a zinc deficiency. Hang nails are indicative of a folic acid deficiency. For some reason people who have mercury toxicity cannot absorb folic acid very well. Next we look at the tongue and most mercury toxic people will have what doctors call a geographic tongue. It has splits or cracks or holes. Often I get a great big split right down the middle of my tongue if I don’t take niacin or B6 or zinc for three days. When you take niacin make sure you start off very slow, maybe with 250 mg. of time-release niacin. Some older people might want to start with 50 mg. with breakfast, and take it until the holes in the tongue start to clear up. Geographic tongue is also a sign of malabsorption and this means that nutrients are not getting to your brain. The next thing we ask is whether you can remember your dreams. Often people who have mercury toxicity cannot remember their dreams and that is also indicative of a B6 deficiency. Thirty per cent of schizophrenic patients and mental patients have B6 and zinc deficiency. I have seen people who had been sick for six years get well from schizophrenia in four hours.


Orthomolecular medicine balances body chemistry with vitamins and minerals. If you are not getting well, first look for toxins in the environment and then look at your nutrition. Give your body super nutrition and stay away from junk food like it was poison. Neither clinical-ecology allergists nor orthomolecular doctors will even touch anybody who smokes, eats a lot of sugar or drinks alcohol or coffee. If you are having problems, these are the first things to give up.

DIGESTIVE ENZYMES AND HYDROCHLORIC ACID: I was the first Alzheimer’s patient to inform Dr. Huggins that I didn’t have any stomach acid. I couldn’t digest anything. My stomach acids are more neutral than water. He checked his patients also and found that none of them had enough stomach acid. A temporary measure to remedy this is to take digestive enzymes. I take two digestive enzymes fifteen minutes before I eat, and two digestive enzymes about fifteen minutes after I eat. Then I can digest my proteins and vegetables. If I am going to eat protein I also take hydrochloric acid. That’s stomach acid. Don’t take very much at first, you will burn yourself. For all you people who suspect that you may have digestive or malabsorbtion problems, you certainly want to get a Heidelberg stomach acid test. In the States it costs about $100. The theory is that the body shuts off stomach acid and digestive enzymes as a means of protecting itself against mercury poisoning.

It’s the foods and the chemicals in our environment that are causing disease. If you take care of the foods and the chemicals in your environment and clean your body and give it super nutrition, you will get well.

Tom Warren

“The road to recovery is not an easy path or a straight line, nor is it fast. Rather, it is a cobblestone road of many tiny lifestyle changes, each a progressive step toward enlightenment that brings ever-increasing vitality and clarity of thought.”

First published on September 1991

Tom Warren’s research showed him that removing his silver amalgam fillings which were 50% mercury were key to his recovery. Our organization, DAMS, Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions, helps people find dentists who are equipped with the know-how and the equipment to safely remove the mercury dental fillings. Chances of recovery are better if one does something about the mercury exposure early. One also needs to avoid all exposures to toxin substances, including flu vaccines and other vaccines which contain many toxins.

Tom Warren’s subsequent book, Reversing Chronic Illness, told how one needed to sleep and live in a clean environment. He told how to clean out ones sleeping environment and reported on what he learned from an environmental doctor who helped him avoid things like newspaper print, fumes from gas or oil furnaces, fumes from new car interiors outgassing, car exhaust from living too close to the interstate. Tom said his brain would swell when he came into contact with these toxins which would cause him to become confused.

His books deal with more than just removing mercury dental fillings. One has to have the right non inflammatory foods and drinks, clean water, a nutritional supplement program and a detoxification program to remove the heavy metals from the body.

Tom said this approach did not work for everyone, but in his case, it worked for him because he removed the mercury early on. His wife who was a pharmacist, kept his research and implemented his treatment protocols on days he was not thinking clearly.

Please contact DAMS, Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions, for more information. People in the DAMS organization knew Tom Warren personally.

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