The long awaited documentary Mercury Undercover is available now

mercury-undercover“Mercury Undercover” unveils the dirty truth about the dangers of mercury and how those people in power would love to “protect” you from the real truth.

The director Elizabeth Hong and co-director Daniel Montoya are proud to announce the exclusive online release of the documentary.

“Producing this film its been very satisfactory for us”. After being turned down by different companies, individuals and non-profit organizations, we decided to fund the film ourselves. Due to the political implications and subject matter, a lot people decided to run away from the controversial message. Producing this documentary demanded a lot of patience, persistance and a lot dedication. “Mercury Undercover”, has been a labor of love for us.  It’s a passion for us, telling stories that matter and knowing that by putting this film together we can help others and educate the public, this is very important for us. We are tired of being censored and misinformed by all the ‘paid’ media on our TV’s and even online. 

This documentary is an example of what independent filmmaking has to offer, the truth.

“Mercury Undercover” exposes the cause and effect of the well-hidden evidence of mercury contamination as seen through the eyes of doctors, scientists, environmental experts and mercury-poisoned survivors. This film exposes the nature of people and the terrible things that some do just for the sake of money. It is a gripping tale that will make you think twice before you eat your next catch-of-the-day or plan your next visit to the dentist’s office.

The movie is available to watch online in english or spanish for U$7.50 or DVD purchase for U$20.00 for home and personal use only. Just visit: 

Team of Experts

  • Dr. Boyd Haley, Ph.D
  • Dr. John Parks Trowbridge, M.D., FACAM
  • Dr. Allen Sprinkle, D.D.S
  • Charlie Brown, National Counsel
  • Carol Vander Stoep, RDH, BSDH
  • William P. Glaros, D.D.S
  • Dr. Edward F. Group, DC, ND, DACBN, DABFM
  • Jonathan W. Emord, ESQ

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