Mercury identified as being the cause of several Neurological Disorders

As a preliminary matter, we notice that FDA declined to consider review articles on the ostensible basis that they present no new empirical data for consideration. FDA then relies on assurances of amalgam safety announced in a 2004 review article prepared by LSRO as the ostensible basis for generally refusing to consider articles published prior to LSRO’s review. It seems as a matter of simple objectivity that review articles are either to be considered or they are not. If FDA is willing to consider LSRO’s review article, it should consider the dissenting opinions set forth in some of the review articles identified herein. It appears to us that an objective FDA would heed the rejection of the FDA’s White Paper by FDA’s own hand-picked JointPanels in 2006 and question the proclamations of safety previously announced by LSRO in 2004.  Instead, FDA rejects the announcements of its advisory panels and accepts without question the questionable views of LSRO. Following is a more robust discussion of the literature associating various diseases and conditions with exposure to mercury.

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