Mercury Amalgam Panel at Health Freedom Expo in Chicago Illinois 6-10-2011

hfe-2011-02HEALTH FREEDOM EXPO 2011 Chicago Illinois

Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel & Convention Center
June 10 – 12, 2011
1551 N. Thoreau Dr
Schaumburg, IL 60173


Lecture Title: Everything You Need to Know About the Mercury in Your Amalgam Dental Fillings and Haven’t Been Told

Time and Date: 2:00 PM Friday, June 10, 2011

Room: Connection

Lecture Description: 

Mercury is a toxic substance. You know that. But did you know it’s one of 31 priority chemicals targeted for reduction by the EPA? Did you know it’s number 3 out of 275 hazardous substances on the priority list of the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Controls? Number three! The Center for Disease Control identifies it as a workplace and safety hazard. 

Did you know that this highly toxic substance, which has been phased out of many consumer products, is still being used in dental amalgam fillings? 

As savvy health consumers we’re careful to avoid eating anything that could contain high levels of mercury, such as fish. And yet, for years we’ve allowed mercury amalgam fillings to be placed in our mouths, believing they were safe. Now we know they’re not. Research has shown that dental amalgam fillings leach mercury into our mouths as they breakdown, especially when exposed to heat such as hot drinks. It’s become clear that mercury is wholly, or in part, responsible for a growing list of severe physical and mental conditions affecting both children and adults. Mercury is a real threat to not only our health, but that of future generations, as well as our environment. 

Here’s the good news. People are taking a stand and crusading to stop the use of mercury in all dental fillings on a global level. National and international organizations such as the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, the World Dental Federation, The World Alliance for Mercury Free Dentistry and the United Nations recognize the dangers of mercury and are working to create global standards addressing risks related to mercury. 

This is a rare opportunity to meet the dynamic leaders in this quest. It’s your chance to learn everything you need to know about the effects of mercury in your dental fillings and most importantly, how you can improve your health, protect your family and yourself — today. 

Speaker Biography: 


charlie-brown-01Charlie Brown is national counsel, Consumers for Dental Choice, and a leader in the movement to ban mercury amalgam fillings at the local, national and international levels. Charlie is participating in the UN negotiations, aimed at developing a global, legally-binding mercury treaty that will address the emissions and use of mercury in products, wastes and international trade. The negotiations are expected to result in a global agreement that will be signed in late 2013. 

Panel Members: 

diane-meyer2Diane Meyer, D.D.S., B.S.,Dentistry for the Health Conscious, Downers Grove, Ill., has extensive training in the mouth-body connection and has worked in the dental field for 35 years. Mercury poisoned herself, Dr. Meyer is the author of Pick Your Poisons 1: Surviving in a Polluted World. She states “I liken my work to an “Erin Brockovich” of dentistry, looking to solve the mystery of many ailments.” She’s also the founder of the Diane Meyer Foundation, a charitable and educational foundation providing dental and/or medical assistance to those who are otherwise unable to afford it. 


David G. Simone, D.D.S., B.S., is president of Exquisite Smiles in Northbrook, Ill. and practices advanced biological, mercury-free dentistry, employing the latest, cutting edge technology and protocols. He has appeared in two films – Darryl Roberts’ America the Beautiful: Health for Sale and Kelly Gallagher’s Mercury in Retrograde: Pandora’s Mouth. Dr. Simone is highly educated about the full range of mercury’s effects both on our health and to our environment. 

lyle-murphyLyle Murphy is the Founder and Director of Alternative to Meds Center, an Alternative Mental Health Care treatment center in Sedona, Arizona. Rather than treating medical issues with psychiatric drugs, the center looks for issues such as toxicity, altered neurochemistry, hormonal imbalance, infectious diseases and autoimmune disorders as likely causes of what appears to be mental illness or addiction. Mr. Murphy is trained as a Chiropractor with participation in the Diplomate of Neurology Program and is currently seeking his degree in Environmental Toxicology.

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