Dr. Mark Hyman – Mercury Detox – A 3-step Plan to Recover Your Health


Dr. Mark Hyman on the importance of Glutathione

Are you worried that you might be poisoned by mercury? A scary thought – but there is a way to heal. In this weeks UltraWellness blog Mark Hyman, MD outlines a 3-step plan to help your body detoxify from mercury and recover your health. To find out more, watch this video from Dr. Mark Hyman or visit http://www.ultrawellness.com/blog

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  1. leesamanci@yahoo.com'
    Rebecca Samanci

    Thank you Dr. Hyman for recognizing the importance of this issue. A lot of sick people out there actually have mercury poisoning. I think that when the person has a chronic issues for which western medicine can only do symptom control and cases where the person has several things going on at once, it is a good idea to check for mercury.

    As far as detoxing the stuff, I have to come to believe: “This is a job for a chemist!” As far as I know, only Andrew Cutler in his protocol, takes in to account the half life of chelators in the body and the issue of redistribution.

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