Charlie Brown explains the World Health Organization retraction of the Peterson Paper


Charlie Brown, President of the World Alliance for Mercury Free Dentistry, announced to the stakeholders attending INC2 that the World Health Organization rescinded the document known as the “Petersen Paper.” The Notorius Petersen Paper was a propaganda project of the World Health Organization’s in-house dentist. In his paper, Petersen claimed that phasing out amalgam was not feasible and amalgam was a safe product.


Charlie Brown, President of
the World Alliance for Mercury Free Dentistry
explains why the World Health Organization
retracted the Peterson Paper

After a constructive meeting of many amalgam stakeholders in 2009, where an agreement was reached to “phase down” amalgam, WHO dentist P. E. Petersen was assigned to write up the notes. Instead, Petersen secretly assembled three other pro-mercury dentists, all from developed countries, and produced a paper denying progress could be made on amalgam and making a series of provably false claims about amalgam and about the progress of that stakeholder meeting. includes Juliet Pratt and Lillian Lasaten Ebuen DDS

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