Book Review: Toxic Dentistry Exposed

toxic_dentistry_exposedToxic Dentistry Exposed:

A review by Dr. Sandra Goodman, Editor of Positive Health Magazine

This is a highly subversive, specialist, informative and quite possibly life-saving book. I had always thought that I was well informed about the toxicity of amalgam fillings, the life threatening dangers of dental infection, fluoridation and the importance of dental hygiene to health. However reading through the catalogue of dangerous and poisonous substances which are used in dentistry for drilling and filling teeth, making dentures and root treatments, is exceedingly scary and not for the squeamish. This material is probably x-rated due to its extreme importance to health and its open opposition to the conventional mode of thinking of the medical and dental establishments!

The authors, Drs Graeme and Lilian Munro-Hall are both highly experienced holistic dentists of more than 50 years’ experience between them. They are the developers of the V-Tox therapy for the safe removal of dental toxins and infections. They also utilize some of the most advanced equipment for the detection of infection, particularly the Cavitat Scanner.

The authors espouse the basic tenets of natural medicine, i.e. that they do not cure patients; they do everything in their power to remove toxins from patients’ bodies, providing an  environment for healing to occur. This is stressed time and time again and also throughout the numerous hair-raising yet inspiring Case Studies.

The authors go through in meticulous detail the poisonous sources used in dentistry. We are, most of us, aware of mercury amalgam and its existence as an extreme neuro-toxin. However the authors provide evidence regarding the implication of mercury in diseases including Alzheimer’s and autism. The authors then proceed to list all the various dental metals used in dentistry – over 1000 different alloys on the market, which are being used in fillings and crowns. The list includes gold, nickel, titanium, silver, platinum, palladium, copper, chrome. It is thus important to test for sensitivity to metals using a MELISA test.

Then there are composites, mixtures of ceramic particles and plastic. There are nanocomposites, hybrid composites, fluid composites, light setting composites, chemical setting composites and on and on. Toxicity problems associated with composites are due to bisphenol A glycidyl methacryalate (BIS-GMA). There are acrylics and plastics, usually used in dentures, as well as ceramics, zirconium and CAD/CAM restorations in crowns. The above is but a small part of the materials discussed in detail; something only a highly experienced dentist would know. There are implants, orthodontics, root fillings and cosmetic dentistry with various types of bleach.

Also espoused are several theories of infections including the theory of focal infections, in which it is possible for an infection in one location of the body to cause symptoms in a separate part of the body. This theory has been revised in the recent past to include the release of toxins, which can be biologically active with potentially devastating effects upon health. For example, heat shock proteins from bacteria in the mouth are now implicated as causes of heart disease and stroke. The four most common sources of focal infections associated with dentistry are:

Cavitation or neuralgia-inducing cavitational osteonecrosis (NICO) infections in bone 
Root fillings 
Dead and infected teeth 
Gum disease

The authors enunciate a clear definition of Holistic Dentistry, which includes: 

Not using toxic materials, nor harmful treatment methods;
To carry out a full examination of their patient and devise a unique and individual treatment plan; 
Complex holistic dentists also remove toxic materials safely, remove and treat all infections safety and repair the damage wrought by toxins on the patient.

Drs Graeme and Lilian Munro-Hall developed the V-Tox Therapy which also includes carrying out full risk assessments, preparing the patient nutritionally, using intravenous Vitamin C and glutathione at high doses during all the treatment, performing all invasive dental work over a 2-day time period if possible, remove all metals, eliminate infections, use special treatment protective protocols, i.e oxygen and carry out any aftercare regarding other prescribed treatments such as cranial osteopathy, colonic irrigation and measure progress using tests such as pH.

The authors detail a myriad of various tests, describing what these do and when they are indicated, either prior to or following treatment. These include bacterial toxicity, neuropathy profile, page body biochemistry, blood biochemistry, pH. metabolic typing, fat biopsy, thyroid. These assessments are all used in conjunction with x-rays, soft tissue (gum) assessment and cavitat scanning in the treatment plans prepared.

The book also includes extensive information along with remarkable and illuminating case studies, regarding conditions such as motor neurone disease, cancer, Parkinsons’s, allergies, Chronic Fatigue / ME, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), multiple sclerosis, arthritis, heart conditions, skin conditions, illustrating the clear link between dentistry and chronic diseases. There are also chapters about prevention strategies, complete with suggestions about food, air, water, supplements and lifestyle practices.

Some of the most remarkable aspects within this special book are the wry and common sense statements from the authors. Here are a few:

Practitioners see what they are trained to see and what they want to see.
Medical treatment can only treat the symptoms not the cause of the problems created by toxic dental materials.
At present all the major dental authorities support the use of amalgam. Hopefully this will change soon. 
After all, it has only been shown scientifically to be detrimental to human health since 1927 by Dr Stock. Mercury amalgam is the most commonly used dental filling material and has been so for nearly 200 years. Amalgam is a mixture of 50% mercury and the other 50% being tin, silver and copper with a few trace elements depending on the manufacturer. The mercury content of the filling is not stable leaks out constantly 24 hours a day, especially after eating, drinking hot drinks and brushing teeth. Mercury is one of the most toxic metals naturally occurring on the planet and significantly is a known potent neurotoxin. Mercury damages nerve and brain tissue… [This text is followed by more than 2 pages of contraindications for amalgam, taken from the amalgam manufacturers own information.]

In addition to all the factual information included in this title, are numerous case studies and suggestions and comments about political and professional views on wide-ranging issues, including fluoridation, vaccination, pharmaceutical drugs and the medical profession’s, politicians’ and the media’s influence and domination over our lives.

A truly original yet priceless book. Congratulations to the authors.

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