Dr. Neufeld shares stories of patients improved health after removal of mercury fillings

richard-neufeldMy journey toward becoming a holistic and mercury free dentist began around 2002. I had already stopped using silver amalgam fillings in the 1990’s, when better filling options became available. I was concerned about the idea of putting mercury in people’s mouths and also knew that it caused teeth to crack, which is not what I wanted for my patients.

In 2002, a person in my family who had been a dental assistant became ill. We went through the standard medical channels, saw holistic practitioners, and did our own research. When we learned that mercury exposure was a possible factor my research brought me to IAOMT. I appreciated their scientific approach and learned their protocol for removing mercury fillings safely. My first holistic patient was my family member.

We began to realize that there were other people who needed the same service and did not know where to go. We wanted to help these people and started spreading the word. And, when we did the patients started to show up.

These patients were suffering from many different conditions or symptoms. They impressed me with their determination to make their bodies healthy. I could feel their fear and sometimes anger for how mercury might be affecting their lives. It became clear that some of their systems were very sensitive so we had many of them tested to find the most biologically compatible materials for their unique bodies. When I look back, it’s amazing how much I have learned over these years.

I never take responsibility for anyone healing. These are not controlled studies and I don’t know what other changes my patients may have been making at the same time. However, there have been some amazing stories.

We had a patient fly in from the east coast. She was in a wheel chair and seemed extremely frail. She said her health was going downhill fast and the traditional medical community had been unable to help. It was through her own research that she began to feel mercury exposure played a role in her illness. She stayed in town for about a week as she wanted to have her mercury fillings removed over a period of time. The last day she came in there was no wheel chair. She walked in on her own.

We have another patient who had been told by the Mayo Clinic that her brain was shrinking and they didn’t know why. She had clearly lost a lot of her abilities already. She sent us a lovely thank you card after having her mercury fillings removed. The card was hand written and the words were beautiful. But, it was the last line that touched us the most. She wrote that before her treatment with us, she had not been able to write at all.

Being a mercury safe dentist has been interesting and fulfilling. Many of these patients have inspired me. I know that mercury does not belong in our mouths, and I only hope that I have really been able to make a difference for those that came to me.

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