Diane Meyer: It was mercury poisoning, not my hormones


It’s Not My Hormones!!!!!!!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dr. Diane Meyer. I am a practicing dentist in the SW suburbs of Chicago. In a town called Downers Grove.

My web address is www.dentistryforthehealthconscious.com I’ve been in the dental field for over 30 years. I dedicate this story to my children who have taught me so much about love.

Are you sick and tired of the medical profession telling you that you need your hormones checked or that you need to see a shrink? Then this little article is for you.

I am a female dentist that has had to deal with a lot of medical issues, that were passed off as being either hormonal or psychological, that is why I decided to write this book.

I am here to tell you that maybe your symptoms are not in your head “why are my hormones not cooperating with the rest of my body.” You don’t want to hear either of the above excuses …you just want to feel good; you just want answers to your problems.

I was having a myriad of symptoms ranging from chronic sinusitis to aching bones and muscles and being on a handful of drugs and not feeling good. I started researching on my own to find a way to fix my problem.

At the advice of my older brother (Nicholas J. Meyer D.D.S.) I attended a seminar on holistic dentistry. I learned that my symptoms may have been coming from my occupational exposure to mercury as well as the silver- mercury fillings(aka amalgam) in my own mouth. After researching the ill health effects of mercury (ATSDR-Mercury Profile 1999) I was shocked to realize many of the physicians that I had gone to had absolutely no idea how to diagnose or treat symptoms of mercury poisoning. They seem to understand lead poisoning somewhat but not to the extent I had researched it(ATSDR-Lead Profile). This to me was very disheartening. I believe mercury poisoning is so widespread now that it’s a real hazard for everyone. The fish, air, light bulb ,vaccines, light up shoes, and our fillings in our mouth all contain mercury, to name a few sources .

The symptoms associated with just mercury poisoning are vast and seemingly unconnected with one another. In this very toxic world we need to be concerned with many poisons. We need to be able to educate ourselves to the understanding of those that we have most control over. There are many substances that can disrupt hormones. Mercury disrupts hormones and causes cell death. I believe the difficulty in diagnosing Mercury toxicity, sensitivity, and allergy is because this metal is very hard to find in the blood, urine or hair except in acute exposure situations.

There are many other hormone disrupting chemicals and metals that mimic estrogen like compounds in water, baby formulas, soy products and milk products just to name a few. So with that being said, I believe medical doctors do have a difficult time with diagnosing because most of the time they are trying to treat symptoms not the cause of the symptoms.

The typical medical model is, if you have a symptom, the doctor will give you a drug to fix the symptom. Did it ever occur to them that the symptom is your body’s way of telling you that there is something wrong with you? They feel that if your symptom goes away with medication, than they have done their job. Unfortunately, they have alleviated the symptom, (or fortunately if you feel better) but they did not fix the underlying problem.

For example, you have a cough; it could be caused by a virus, bacteria, fungus/mold or an air born allergy. You take a cough suppressant so you no longer have symptoms. What was fixed? The only thing fixed was your symptom of coughing. So you ask yourself, why was I coughing? Do I have an infection or am I contacting some poison (chemical, pesticide, heavy metal) that doesn’t agree with me?

All you know is you are feeling better for the time being. Why? Because you are not up all night hacking with the cough or your child isn’t. I ask you this? Why do you think your body is coughing? The body senses a contaminant from the air or internal from a microbe and it is trying its best to expel the offending substance. By giving your body a cough suppressant do you think you are helping the situation or hindering it?

So we have an understanding of how medical doctors are trained to think, 1) symptom 2) alleviate with a drug. There are many good qualified health care practitioners willing to help and not pass you off as hormonal. (I’m not at all saying that there is no place for drugs. Many times medications are necessary but just maybe doctors need to dig a little deeper). The problem is it might take you several doctors before you find one that will really- really listen to what you are saying.

My advice would be to keep going and keep going to doctor to doctor until you find the person willing to work with you.

I have a 65 year old male patient that was having numbness and tingling from the neck down. I told him to keep going until he found someone to diagnose and fix him; but don’t give up. He went to 9 different doctors until he got an answer to his problem. It turned out to be a slipped disc in his neck. He had surgery and regained all of his feeling. Wow, nine doctors.

I tell you just because if someone can’t fix you, doesn’t mean you are hormonal or crazy. It is just their way of protecting their egos because they can’t find the answer that you need. Keep going.

I can use the example of ulcers here as well. How people suffered with this illness for generations being told it was simply stress! The research then surfaced that it was caused by a bacteria that is easily killed with antibiotics. Was the problem in their heads? No, it was a very real bacteria causing their pain and no amount of stress reduction was going to be a cure, although it might have helped somewhat. Now we know that mercury from filling can do the same damage too. Swallowing mercury damages the esophagus and alters the natural forms of bacteria in your gut. It totally disrupts digestion this way. I took Rx-drugs for years for irritable bowel and another drug for ulcers of the esophagus. All of my symptoms though, disappeared with getting my silver mercury fillings removed. LOOK MA NO DRUGS!!!!!

Enough of this now, you have the idea I am trying to get across to you. Keep going until someone fixes you. You might try alternative doctors and therapies. Keep in mind though that they too don’t know all. There are answers that just might work for you. Examples would be Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Homeopathic Physician, some Medical or Allopathic Physicians, Holistic or Biological Dentists, Chinese Medicine, or an Energy Medicine Practitioner. Any of these may help, just keep trying.

I had a patient who had been diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia. He had extreme facial pain. He went to many reputable neurologists and no one was helping. They were only able to give him drugs to help with the pain. This man was ready to commit suicide when I saw him.

He had seen and oral surgeon and a dentist and no one could help. He was put on an antidepressant. So this poor guy began to believe he was crazy because no one could find what was causing his pain. Fortunately, for him, his sister-in-law was my patient and she heard me tell her to keep going. He came to me with his records and I took some x-rays which showed that he had an infection in his jaw bone. I did preliminary tests and he was pain free for the first time in years. He will get this infective process cleaned out and he will be fine.

The important step here was that he had confirmation that he had a real problem and that it wasn’t just in his head. Well, it was in his jaw which is technically his head, but it was not a psychological problem.

I had another patient suffering with headaches for 9 years. She had been to her doctor and was on several medications. The doctors repeatedly told her that her migraines were hormonal, it was all in her head. I had asked to see the MRI. She had gone to the top headache clinic, certainly there was an MRI on file. On her next visit to the headache clinic she asked what her MRI results were. Surprisingly they had never taken an MRI. On her request she had an MRI performed. It showed a brain tumor the size of a large orange. Fortunately for her, she finally got the proper diagnosis, had the tumor removed and no more headaches. But why did it take 9 years? She was hormonal, remember? The tumor was sitting on her pituitary gland, the main hormone regulator. Yes, her hormones were affected!

Here again, keep going until someone can help. Help may come from an array of different treatments. Be open, do your research and know your own body.

I have another female patient, 47 years old, who developed asthma and her doctor said to go find a shrink. Well, fortunately for her, she found an allergist that told her she was allergic to her cat. She got rid of the cat and now only uses her inhaler once in a while. Can you even imagine that.

Several of my patients had been diagnosed with various ailments that actually disappeared upon removal of all known toxic and allergenic metals and infections from their mouth.

  • Chemical sensitivities
  • Electrical sensitivities have abated.
  • Asthma
  • Paranoia
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms
  • Allergies
  • Sinusitis
  • Voices in their heads
  • Anxiety

And on and on the list goes. See Appendix for list by system

I am sure any of you reading this have known or have experienced yourself, the medical professions quick fix. Now please don’t misunderstand my view of medicine. I believe in allopathic medicine, it has its purpose and it saves lives. What I’m saying is that if you’re being told your very real pain is in your head or hormonal or there’s no help for you, I think for most people, if you keep searching you will find relief.

I would suggest getting on line and hitting on the diagnosis you have if not. Then hit on some symptoms. Go to Center for Disease Control website or to the National Institute of Health. There are also medical libraries, the Agency for Toxic Substance and Disease Registry. Learn all you can about your symptoms there are alternative medical and dental sites as well. www.DentistryForTheHealthConscious.com is a site that has a wealth of knowledge and links.

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