World Health Organization urged to correct misleading report: Future of Dental Restorative Materials


Mercury Policy Project writes:

The European Environmental Bureau and MPP recently [rokdownload menuitem=”287″ downloaditem=”10″ direct_download=”false”]wrote a letter urging the World Health Organization[/rokdownload] (WHO) to correct inaccuracies, misleading and incorrect statements and bias in their draft meeting report on the “Future of Dental Restorative Materials – before finalizing.   Unfortunately, the draft report’s bias is already being diffused on various pro-amalgam websites, including one from Australia and the other from the USA.  Among other things, the letter encourages WHO to correct for the record, as reflected in our joint meeting minutes, that the purpose of the meeting was to discuss alternatives to amalgam, and not debate or assert the safety of amalgam,  — and instead to highlight opportunities for “phasing down” the amalgam use, as WHO discussed in Stockholm in June.

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    Amalgam separator

    Mercury is a component of the amalgam that is used for silver filling but sometime it is caused for decease, while half of the dentists have stopped using amalgam filling due to health dangerous.

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