Tampa Dentist Sings The Amalgam Blues


Harold T. Enlow, Jr., D.M.D.Dr. Enlow graduated from The University of South Florida with an undergraduate degree in Natural Sciences.  He continued his education at The University of Florida School of Dentistry and received his Doctorate of Medical Dentistry degree in 1985.  He returned to practice in Tampa, his hometown.  In addition to dentistry, Dr. Enlow has an intense love of music – please feel free to listen to some of his songs at www.myspace.com/halenlow.  Dr. Enlow has also recently released an original composition titled “The Amalgam Blues” on youtube.com.

Frederick A. Vance, D.D.S.Dr. Vance completed his undergraduate degree at the University of South Florida in 1983.  He earned his Doctorate of Dental Surgery in Cleveland, Ohio from the Case Western Reserve University School of Dentistry in 1988 and returned to practice in Tampa.




Dr. Hal Enlow & Dr. Fred Vance

Tampa Dentist (www.yourdentalfitness.com). Dr. Hal Enlow, from Enlow and Vance Dental Partners, sings an original composition titled “The Amalgam Blues.” Dr. Enlow and his partner, Dr. Fred Vance, are serious about the dangers of amalgam fillings. The harmful effects of mercury toxicity are well documented and could play a role in the development of diseases that have come to be viewed by the medical community as chronic conditions for which there are no known causes. Listen, enjoy, and then do something about your dangerous amalgam fillings.

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