Fox News Reporter Stacy Case tells her story of mercury induced Multiple Sclerosis from her amalgam fillings


My name is Stacy Case. I am a mom, a wife, a believer, a journalist and a fighter. In 2008, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. All of my neurological symptoms started right after I had some 30 year old silver fillings removed and replaced with more silver fillings because that’s what insurance covered. I later learned

each filling is made of 50% MERCURY!

When dentists take it out of your mouth, it’s treated as hazardous material in the dentist office, yet we continue to place over one hundred million silver fillings in patients’ mouths every year in the United States. God has shown me, through prayer, that M.S. and many other autoimmune diseases have “triggers.” And those “triggers,” in many cases can be eliminated, opening up the path for remission.

I feel so fortunate that I’m able to share what I’ve learned by experimenting on my own body, through God’s guiding hand. It’s only because of God that I was able to take this path, learn what I’ve learned and now share it with anyone who is open to hearing it. This sounds kind of crazy… but I’m almost glad this happened to me. I think it’s just part of why I’m here… my purpose in life. And, I now know I will go to my grave fighting this fight against silver (mercury filled) amalgam fillings which are responsible for so much chronic disease in this country. 

If my story can help just one person, then its all been worth it.

Be Vigilant, Be Well!


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