Fox news reporter Stacy Case presents a powerful testimonial of her mercury induced MS to the FDA

stacy_caseMy name is Stacy Case. I am a TV journalist of 20 years. I anchor the weeknight newscast at the Fox affiliate in Nashville, and do investigative and consumer reporting. Prior to joining Fox, I worked as a national correspondent for CBS News. I’ve spent 2 decades helping right wrongs, shining light on injustice — searching for truth. I’ve covered the White House, Congress, the United Nations, and yes, FDA regulatory hearings. You name it, I’ve covered it and always with impartiality. Today though, I stand before you not as an impartial journalist, but as an injured consumer.


Fox News 17 coverage of Stacy Case
and her testimony of mercury induced MS symptoms and diagnosis to the FDA.

Nearly four years ago, a dentist talked me into having some 30 year old mercury fillings replaced because he said they were cracked. Your agency, at the time, had done nothing to warn me, an educated professional, that this was a health hazard. This is a great injustice! 

I had four removed and replaced with four new shiny mercury fillings /because that’s what insurance covers./ Within a few days, I had a heavy metal taste in my mouth. I kept chewing gum to make it go away… but as you know from watching Dr. Kennedy’s “Smoking Teeth” video— that only releases more mercury vapor which is neurotoxic.

Within a few weeks, I developed deep, painful headaches. Within a few months, I was experiencing a myriad of neurological symptoms– the sensation of water running down my head, pin pricks. I was beginning to exhibit cognitive symptoms… having trouble with word recall— which, by the way, is a real problem in my profession. Within six months, I was experiencing blurred vision in one eye and tinnitus, ringing of the ear. 8 months after the dental work, — I got out of bed one morning, July 7, 2008, and could not walk. My husband took me back to the doctor who this time said, “Mrs. Case you either have MS or a brain tumor.” The MS diagnosis came within a few days.

My children were just 2 and 3 at the time. My immediate concern was.. ‘Will I be caring for them or will it be the other way around?’

I now know that I and millions of other Americans have a genetic predisposition to autoimmune disease and silver mercury fillings are the trigger in many cases.

As I’m in the trenches with this disease though, your agency in 2009 ruled amalgam safe for everyone once again. But thankfully, my journalistic instincts kicked in. I spent weeks on the phone and online researching MS and its triggers. I’ve read several dozen scientific studies. One such study—1990 University of Denmark– proved monkeys with mercury dental fillings stored it in their spinal ganglia, pituitary gland, adrenal gland, liver, kidneys, lungs etc. This stuff seeps into the body from the day it’s implanted. Then one day, you reach the tipping point, like I did, and the body burden becomes so great… disease sets in.

In my research, I uncovered plenty of people who’ve been miraculously ‘cured’ of MS, all of whom had something very interesting in common. They all once had mercury fillings. I decided, after much thought and prayer, to make myself the lab rat— what did I have to lose? I had my fillings removed using the IAOMT protocol, the only safe method. Within a week, I was 50% better. I then began IV chelation along with a myriad of vitamins, supplements, minerals, acupuncture and an anti inflammatory diet and by my first year check up with my neurologist— I was in remission from M.S. and I’ve been in remission ever since and have been prescribed no MS drugs.

I have spent $35 thousand dollars out of pocket on the elective dental work and alternative therapies I described earlier to rebuild my body and RIGHT THIS WRONG!

I applaud you for your actions this past December to convene a scientific panel to reconsider the safety of amalgam. Your hand picked scientists in 2006 and 2010 made you keenly aware of the health risks and the disease causation. Please do not ignore them or injured consumers, like me, any longer. 

You really want to help this country get health care costs under control? Ban amalgam.

You really want to see a cure for many autoimmune diseases? Ban amalgam.

You really want to ensure American moms, like me, can play chase with their kids? Ban amalgam.

After two decades in the news business, I know the truth and the TRUTH is that silver mercury fillings are making people sick and keeping them sick— so help me God. Use your power and position for good.

Leave a legacy.

Please, Right this wrong.

Stacy Case

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