Do you have questions about mercury toxicity related to your “silver” fillings? DAMS Has the Answers

damsDental Mercury and Other Ways Dentistry Can Affect Health

by Leo Cashman, Executive Director of DAMS

Mercury can cause hundreds of symptoms and diseases, and dental mercury is often the greatest source of mercury exposure. The dental amalgam filling, which is half mercury, should be banned in the USA, just as it has already been in Norway and Sweden. But, here in the USA, the dental establishment is still in cover-up mode. But, thanks to the work of DAMS (Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions), more and more people are learning of the hazards of dental amalgam fillings, or “silver” fillings as they are sometimes called, and of other ways that dentistry can adversely affect health. DAMS is a tax exempt, educational non-profit organization based in St Paul, Minnesota, and serving the USA and, actually, the entire English-speaking world.

In sharing news of the amalgam hazard, we do not wish people to frantically rush out to the nearest dentist and immediately get their amalgams removed. Care is needed and there are things to learn: best choice replacement dental materials and, crucially, what are the precautions needed to replace amalgams safely.

DAMS has available, upon request, a list of “holistic” or “biological” dentists, who are trained and equipped to replace amalgam fillings safely, i.e. with elaborate precautions. You can contact DAMS at 651-644-4572 for a list of knowledgeable dentists in your state (or province) and an Information Guide on these issues.

The Information Guide also covers a range of other dental-health connections: dental material choices for crowns, bridges and dentures as well as for fillings; root canal treated teeth, which can be badly infected and very toxic; gum infection, and jawbone disease; detoxification for heavy metal toxicity; and fluoride, which is very toxic in dental products and in the fluoridated water. All of this, and more, is available in the DAMS Information Packet, available upon request. Call us for one!

DAMS also publishes a periodic newsletter, Dental Truth, several times a year. You may be able to obtain a sample of this outstanding newsletter, and read up on developments in the science, patient stories, and the ongoing efforts to get amalgams banned. Other ways to learn more about what DAMS offers is through its web site, The e-mail for DAMS is

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